Facial Waxing

Feeling cheeky? Keep the sides of your face sweet and smooth and your personality just rough enough to keep everyone on their toes.

Whiskers are for kittens. Take away the strays in just a few minutes. You’ll be smiling and smooth in no time.

Listen up! Have hair that sneaks out - and peeks out - of your ears? We can take care of that.

Our enhanced eyebrow wax service includes a personalized consultation, tinting, precise waxing, and expert tips for maintaining your ideal brow shape. Achieve your dream eyebrows with us!

At Lluvia Massage, our waxologists collaborate with you to determine the ideal brow shape that complements your unique facial features and aesthetic preferences.

Indulge in our Full Face Glow service at Lluvia Massage, which encompasses the brows, nose, lips, chin, and cheeks, leaving your entire face smooth and aglow with radiance.

Regular upper lip waxes at Lluvia Massage not only make makeup application easier but also reduce daily maintenance. With repeated sessions, the regrowth of hair becomes less noticeable over time.

Don’t forget this incredibly important part of your body. After all, it’s what connects your head to your body. Keep it smooth. Remember to hold your head up high!

Say goodbye to unruly nose hairs with our speedy and nearly painless nostril wax

Our specialized wax service at Lluvia Massage can help you tailor your sideburns or remove them entirely by defining the hairline in front of your ear.

Transform your brows with a pop of new color or eliminate unwanted grays while maintaining your current shade at Lluvia Massage. Our expert waxologists will assist you in choosing the perfect hue for your brows.